Auger Torque Trenchers are quickly gaining a reputation of being the toughest most versatile units on the market today and are available for a wide range of skidsteers, mini loaders, backhoes and excavators up to 10 tonnes in weight.

Our trenchers come in numerous specifications allowing each unit to be customized to suit your working needs and machine specifications. With models available to suit trenching up to 1500mm deep or a massive 350mm wide we have a unit for most applications.

Using only the highest quality hydraulic motors that allow flow rates of up to 150LPM and then amplified by Auger Torque’s own ‘bullet-proof’ planetary gearbox means that our trenchers have the reliability you need and the power to ensure your trenching is carried out with ease.

Chains are available in a number of different teeth configurations for trenching in soft ground, mixed grounds and even permafrost allowing you to get the job done quickly. Another great feature that will make your job easier is the precision depth control skid which enables the operator to set the machine at up to three different trench depths.

Once level with the ground the trencher will be cutting at the optimal cutting angle whilst maintaining the correct depth. Pulling the trench is as easy as creeping the machine in reverse at a steady pace and even inexperienced operators will find working with this attachment a breeze.