ESK strainers can be applied anywhere in the refrigeration plant. ESK-strainers comprise of fine grade mesh. Complete made of steel, these strainers are applicable for all refrigerants and refrigeration oils. An proven application is the installation of strainers in front of oil level regulators and electronical expansion-valves. Particles larger than 0,05 mm are strained.

Oil strainers:For the protection of the electronic oil level regulators types ERM and ERHD ESK has designed the new strainer type FF.
This new design will be able to pick up contaminants larger 5 μm. Therefore the filter is able to protect efficiently the solenoid valve of the regulator.


Max. allowable operating pressure (Psmax) according to the temp. range

[1] Allow. operating temperature: 70 * … –10°C Ps1: As per table
* except of type F-CDH : 65 … –10°C Ps1 = 100 bar
[2] Allow. operating temperature: 10 … – 40°C Ps2: As per table

FL1 – Operation with R717 (ammonia) and R290 (propane)

Except of the types FF-10B and FF-16B all strainers are approved for R 600a, R 717, R 723, R 290 and R 1270.