Many of Auger Torque’s Earth Drills, from the robust Earth Drill 10,000 upwards, are excellent tools for screw pile installation due to their high levels of torque and range of rotational speed.

Couple this with the all new electronic torque metering linkage block which has an accuracy rating of over 99% and you have all you need for fast and precise Screw Pile installation.

Screw piles can be used as a steel foundation solution for railway and highway installations, masts, towers, cantilever gantries, platforms, lighting columns and sign posts.

They support structures in both tension and compression, providing an ideal solution where overturning forces are significant or when ground conditions aren’t suitable for other methods of foundation.

Quick and easy to install, in many cases the piles and associated structures can be installed in a day. Using the torque metering linkage block, applied torques can be displayed and logged for data analysis.

Made from galvanized steel, Screw Piles are also maintenance free and reusable after removal from temporary installations.


  • Quick and easy to install.
  • No concrete mixing or curing time.
  • No excavations needed or spoil to remove.
  • Suitable for soft or mixed composite ground.
  • Installations possible in low temperatures and wet conditions.
  • Can be installed around existing underground services.
  • Removable and re-useable.
  • Screw Piles can be made to customers own specifications.