Oil level regulators

In multiple-compressor parallel systems, oil level regulators are installed to maintain an adequate oil level. Oil is fed conventionally from an oil reservoir. The correct selection of all components are necessary to guarantee the function of regulators.
Oil level regulators are available in a mechanical or electronical version.
The standard versions of regulators are manufactured with a 3-/4-bolt flange and for compact installations with a thread-fitting. For the installation on various compressor sight glass designs, ESK is offering a wide range of adapters and couplings.

Mechanical oil level regulators

Mechanical oil level regulators from ESK are reliable and tough components.

Precision float valves controls the oil level into compressor crankcase. The adjustable version is for use, when parallel connected compressors possibly work with different suction pressures (two stage systems, Boosters and satellite operation).


Technical specification 

Max. Allowable operating pressure (PSmax) according to the temp. range
[1] Allow. operating temperature: 100 … –10 °C PS1 = 40 bar
[2] Allow. operating temperature: –10 … – 40 °C PS2 = 30 bar
Max. allowable temperature: 90 °C (green sight glass float ball)


The regulator has passed the check on function and tightness and will bedelivered with the necessary mounting accessories, such as screw, O-rings, etc.. In front of every regulator, an oil strainer has to be mounted, to avoid soiling of the float valve seat.

Adjusting procedure of regulators type ORE2.., OR

Production setting: Center sight glass
Adjusting range: +3 / -6 mm
Per left turn (x): Oil level 1/18 inch higher
per right turn (y): Oil level 1/18 inch lower

FL1 – Operation with R717 (ammonia) and R290 (propane)

Mechanical ESK oil level regulators are applicable for R 290, R 600a and R 717. Adapter set NH-10G / NH-10W can be used to fit the oil supply line