Depending on the operating conditions, a lack of lubricant in the compressor crankcase will occur with the following consequences:

  • Too low an oil pressure
  • Bearing damage
  • Cylinder/piston damage
  • Motor damage

This carry-over of oil into evaporator will adversity affect heat transfer resulting in loss of efficiency and longer running times. ESK oil separators are therefore strongly recommended when projecting cost, efficient refrigeration as well as safeguarding against compressor damage. ESK oil separators should be specified whenever the following applications are considered:

  • temp. below <-10 °C
  • Blast freezers
  • Capacity control
  • Two stage plants
  • Parallel systems
  • Cascade plant
  • Flooded systems
  • Booster

The oil separator effectively removes oil from discharge gas in the strainer elements returns the oil through a high precision float valve to the crankcase or oil control system. The efficiency of oil recovery is dependent on the reduction of gas velocity in the separator itself. Providing the oil separator is correctly applied, this will be in the region of 97 % to 99 %