The new redesigned generation of our electronic oil level regulators ERM4 / ERHD4 combines the proven features with the demands of tomorrow.

Quality & durability

  • For a long lifetime even under hard working conditions
  • Superior control accuracy for a long compressor lifetime
    High plant availability
  • Integrated emergency operation program allows the operation of the compressor under unfavorable working conditions
  • Programmable oil filling ratio for special working conditions
    Service-orientated design
  • Identification of under and overfilling with signalization to control the compressor
  • No calibration of the sensor is necessary
  • All components can be exchanged for service


To increase the lifetime of the regulators and to reduce to the service costs we recommend to install oil filters in the oil return line.

Operation with R 717 (ammonia) and R 290 (propane)

Electronic oil level regulators types ERM 4 / ERHD 4 are approved for R 290 and R 600a. Electronic oil level regulators for R 717 and for R 1270 are available on request.