Oil Separators BOS2 / BOS3

High Performance Oil Separator BOS2

The following illustration shows that the portion of oil particles at < 1 μm in discharge gas flow rises with increasing discharge gas temperature. These aerosol particles collide less with the 3-layered stainless steel strainer elements of standard oil separator types OS, leading to a reduction in separation efficiency.
For applications that require a high degree of separation (e.g. systems with flooded evaporators), ESK oil separators of type BOS are recommended. The ESK separator program consists of a flanged series where the separator element is changeable.


Glass fiber micro filter elements highly efficiently separate aerosol particles from the discharge gas flow. Thereby, the aerosol particles collide with borosilicate fibers and agglomerate into larger drops. The drops are drained by gravity on the outside of the element to the float valve system for oil return.

Note please:

BOS components also separate solid particles from the discharge gas / oil. However, BOS oil separators should NOT be used to clean refrigeration installations.
A continuous increase of the pressure drop characterizes a rising saturation of the coalescence element with dirt.
We recommend to exchange the element 
if the pressure drop exceeds >