Earth Mover Tires are the highest single cost factor for the operation of a wheeled unit and sensitive to cuts, punctures and other damages. Their high value and world-wide shortage means that

pewag tire protection chains solve many of these problems by providing the following advantages:

Lower direct hourly operating costs:

  • Multiplied tire life – significant reduction of tire costs
  • Predictable service life of chains and tires – accurate budgeting at lower costs, low financial costs
  • Minimized down-time due to tire failure – maximum equipment availability
  • Improved stability, increased traction and better Penetration for digging and break-out – increased productivity in output per hour


Additional benefits:

  • Optimum tire protection – reduced tire maintenance
  • Protection plus traction with chain use – safe operation even in worst conditions



After Sales Service, an elementary key point of pewag’s long-term partnership with our customers, is offered by the pewag worldwide network:

  • Technical assistance and repair by chain experts
  • Training in chain handling (mounting, correct tensioning, repair, adjustment, dismantling, etc.)
  • Inspection calls including performance reporting
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Special tools and accessories facilitating chain handling and maintenance
  • Manuals and relevant risk assessments