MAIN FEATURES: Primary, Secondary And Selected Demolition, International Patented, 1 Minute Jaws Change System, 4 Exchangable Jaws, Powerful, Quick & Safe, Hardox In My Body…

Rotating (360°) crusher for primary, secondary and selected demolition with FAST JAWS CHANGE SYSTEM (1 MINUTE). With 4 available jaws the change system is fully hydraulic and semi-automatic to guarantee versatility and safety, without losing power and speed.

The CK attachment allows you to do every kind of demolition:

  • Primary Demolition: to destroy a building and remove its material.
  • Secondary Demolition: to separate or reduce in smaller scraps what has been already demolished, making easier the removal and transportation.
  • Selected Demolition: where it will be necessary to extract and recuperate elements or precious components (copper, aluminum, iron, steel, wood…) or for the
  • drainage of area of environmental impact in which the presence of toxic, inflammable and contaminating materials.


  • Primary, Secondary And Selected Demolition
  • International Patented
  • 1 Minute Jaws Change System
  • 4 Exchangeable Jaws
  • Powerful
  • Quick & Safe
  • Hardox In My Body