Working around heavy equipment requires the ability to be aware of your surroundings. This means you are always “on” because lacking the ability to pay attention can and will end up in a safety disaster of some kind.

When you take on jobs in certain professions, there are certain expectations from you. If you are handling a heavy equipment, whether a dump truck, bulldozer, or any type of earthmovers, you are expected to be following rules of operation and safety precautions. This is sometimes referred to as safety awareness.

Understanding and respecting rules and having common sense about safety is imperative for getting and keeping your job in heavy equipment. No matter how talented you are in digging trenches, or moving earth, you will quickly lose your job if you are simply a “risk” to your employer.

Driving in any kind job with heavy equipment is a safety hazard in itself. There are people and equipment moving around everywhere. The noise level can also create chaos with trucks and other vehicles constantly coming and going and materials are lifted and dropped. Being aware of your surroundings and understanding what you need to do important and ultimately save your life.

There are accidents that occur every day working with heavy equipment. Some are serious and cause death but many are minor accidents much like a fender bender in the motor vehicle world. There are many that could have been avoided if operators were more aware – more awake that day.